Alex Agosta

Premier Level V Lexus Achiever
New York

* I represent the #1 skincare brand in North America, delivering amazing skin care solutions directly to consumers.

* I help people start and build their own part-time online businesses through leveraging e-commerce, social media branding, and leadership development. By starting a business in the social e-commerce arena 4 years ago with Rodan+Fields, I have been able to build an incredible life with the work-life balance I always knew existed. 

* I managed Broadway shows for over thirteen years and while theater will always be a passion, I wasn't excited about a lifetime of working nights, weekends and holidays. When my husband went back to law school we inherited a lot of debt and while I had the desire to work less, we had a need to earn more. I started my Rodan+Fields business alongside my very busy career managing shows and a toddler.

* Are you looking for amazing skin care that provides visible results? Or are you searching for a cool new side-gig or the opportunity to be your own CEO? I specialize in training motivated and successful individuals (in the United States, Canada and Australia) in how to build a business alongside their full time careers. 

How to contact me:
Instagram: aagosta322

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