Bosko Stankovic

bosko stankovic_real estate
Commercial Real Estate Sales
Ingram & Hebron Realty

Bosko is a comemrcial real estate salesperson specializing in Brooklyn properties. Bosko is a part of the Ingram & Hebron Realty team, a boutique, family owned commercial real estate firm operating ONLY in Brooklyn for the last 30 years. Bosko specializes in Market Research Analytics and Investment Properties at Ingram & Hebron Realty and has worked on numerous transactions ranging from $1M to $32M. 

Weather you are looking at selling or buying comemrcial real estate in Brooklyn, you will need a trusted and experienced Broker to guide you through the process and help you maximize the value of your asset. Due to its long presence in Brooklyn real estate market, both as owners and brokers, I&H keeps you informed on the latest trends in the marketplace such as market rents, expense reduction programs, tax credits and manymore resulting in increased value for our clients. 

If you want to know what your property is worth in today's market, pick up the phone or email us and I&H will provide a complementary Opinion of Value report for your review within the same day!



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