Phillip Rothman

New York

Growing up little did I know I was destined to be in the insurance industry.  Through my birth given aptitudes and the blessings life has brought me, I find myself here at NJLC in a position to maximize the value of the personal and profession estates we will inherit, while simultaneously planning for families and businesses of our own.

I’ve always been a numbers guy, ever since middle school in advanced math and calculus classes, mathematical problem solving has always been something I’ve excelled at and enjoyed; math and people. I grew up in a family with my Dad in the investment business (I inherited my facility with numbers from him), my Mom as a business psychologist (I inherited my interest and understanding of people from her), and my Grandmother as a serial entrepreneur (I inherited my understanding of reasonable risk from her). There couldn’t be a better industry for me to be in: combining mathematical problem solving, risk management, and deep personal emotions around business, money, and family.

Though my skills and interests align perfectly with the insurance business, I would not be where I am today without divine intervention.

As a freshman at Tulane studying engineering, I had to make what seemed to be a meaningless decision that turned out to shape the rest of my life. Hurricane Katrina made ground-fall on Aug 29th 2005, the same day we moved into our freshman year dorms. Tulane cut their engineering program. I had to choose between changing majors or changing schools. I stayed at Tulane and majored in Finance; it was there, in my senior year, where I met my wife.

With the housing bubble and great recession in full force when I graduated, jobs were scarce and I ended up in a position I had never anticipated – a commission job at New York Life. There is where I began my career in the life insurance industry. A requirement of the job included purchasing my own life-insurance which I did grudgingly.

A few years later, in 2013 I was in a ski accident and suffered a TBI. After months in the hospital I decided to leave NYL and open my own full service insurance brokerage, RSinsure. I added the Property & Casualty licensing to my product offerings and developed relationships with Carriers, Back Office Management, and other independent agencies.

After years of developing my brokerage, helping business owners and young families protect themselves and their businesses, I was ready to find a mentor to bring my business and me to the next level.

After doing due diligence with several potential partners I met Larry Singer and Mike Dranoff from NJLC. They are the guys I’ve been looking for and even better, they were looking for someone like me as well! With their experience and understanding of the markets, I am now able to bring value to millenials like never before. Yes, I help prepare growing families with the financial protection they want and need. Even more, with Mike and Larry, I am working with the parents of my peers, helping them to minimize their taxable estates, and using life insurance to mitigate any remaining taxes, so my peers will be able to maximize the wealth they will inherit from their families, the wealth that took a lifetime to amass.

Everything from business succession planning to personal wealth preservation, life insurance is the perfect mix of mathematical problem solving, finance, and human personal touching and value add through the emotional difficulties that come with family and business.

In 2016 I hit my head at the gym and my loving wife, who knows of my medial history, insisted we go to the hospital to make sure I we ok. It turns out I wasn’t concussed, but the doctor found a brain tumor which was surgically removed in 2017. Thankfully I got life insurance when I first joined the industry in 2010. Now I have a deep and personal understanding of and relationship with life insurance, all of which I proudly carry with me and share with my clients.

The insurance industry doesn’t have many millenials working in it, and the ones that do, don’t have the personal experience and profession guidance that I have here at NJLC. I am blessed to have found NJLC and have experienced mentors with an understanding of business succession planning, estate planning, accounting, and insurance markets. I have a tremendous value to bring to millenials who want to maximize the value of their families estate and plan for families of their own.

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