Chapter 15 News

Chapter 15 Christmas Party
Collin Slattery

I think it can go without saying that everyone had a wonderful time at our Gotham Givers Gain Holiday party! Dances were danced, drinks were drunk, and merriment was merried.

Robert Kern

Hi Chapter 15.  Please find the Worksheets and Questionnaires for the BNI One-on-One Dance Card Planner I discussed in my education piece on Tuesday, November 28th:

Toni Dolce

Phil Rothman discusses life and life insurance in his 10 minute presentation. Click photo or this link to view. 

Bosko Stankovic

For all of you interested in seeing some D1 college action in NYC this week, St. Francis College team is hosting Iona College tomorrow night at 8:00pm in Brooklyn Heights (180 Remsen Street). Addmission is free and fun is guranteed!